Invitation to join the 5th Tohoku Trip

5th Tohoku Trip (Japanese)

It been almost 5years since the great east Japan earthquake struck off the coast of Tohoku, causing a massive Tsunami into Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima prefectures. How is recovery process going on? is it getting better?


Miyako 2011Miyako 2015

Miyako City in April 2011                                                                               Miyako City in April 2015

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What is the Tohoku Trip all about?

The Tohoku aims at giving the opportunity for English Immersion Camp (EIC) family (past participants, camp leaders, staff and EIC supporters) to expand their views and perspective about the situation after the 3.11 earthquake in the Tohoku region, by directly going to the location and communicating with the local people. We also encourage that participants of the Tohoku trip share their experiences with others who do not or have not had the opportunity to see and feel the reality of the 3.11 disaster.

During this year’s Tohoku trip we will be visiting Miyagi Prefecture and Iwate Prefecture which were heavily damaged by the tsunami. We are planning to go and learn about the current situation, including the living conditions, and also experience exchange activities with children. Furthermore we are going to think together on what we can do from now on  for the Tohoku region and Japan, which we plan to report through the EIC website.


4th_Tohoku_5 4th_Tohoku_4 4th_Tohoku_3 4th_Tohoku_1

 Interacting with the local community during last years’s Tohoku Trip



Schedule, Contents and Application



March 28th 2016 (Monday) – April 1st 2016 (Friday) (5 days / 4 nights)
※Please note when carrying out this tour, safety is our number one priority, hence
please understand that we may cancel the trip if we feel its not safe during the period

of the tour.




Day  Date  Activities  Accommodation
 Day1  3/28(MON) Gather at Hanamaki Airport, Iwate Prefecture. Move to Miyako City. Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture
 Day2  3/29(TUE) Observation around Taro Town (Listen to the guide about the destroyed Taro Tourist Hotel) and around Miyako City. Exchange activities with the local community and Kumon classroom. Otsuchi Town, Iwate Prefecture
 Day3  3/30(WED) Observation around Otsuchi Town. Move to Oshima Island Oshima Island, Miyagi Prefecture
 Day4  3/31(THU) Observation around Oshima Island (Participate in Experience Earthquake Survival Activity; tentative) Oshima Island, Miyagi Prefecture
 Day5  4/1(FRI) Observation around Yuriage area. Feed back, impression, lunch, and go home

※Please note the program might change according to the situation during the time we will be visiting.
Let’s think about the details of some of the activities together during the meeting!



  • Eligibility: English Immersion Camp (EIC) participants (without any age preferences), Camp Leaders, Staff
    GNT Staff and Mr. Akihiro Chiba (Former Assistant Director General for Coordination of Operational Activities, UNESCO HQ) will also be joining!

please take a look at the terms and conditions for Camp Leaders in the link below:

5th Tohoku Trip Terms and Conditions for Camp Leaders


  • Number of Participants: 20 people (EIC participants and Camp Leaders)

※Selection will be done in case of too many applicants


  • Participation Fee: 15,000Yen (accommodation, meals, moving expenses)、subject to adjustment.
    ※Traveling expenses from participants’ house to Morioka Station, Iwate Prefecture or Sendai Station and back to participants’ house are not included. It will be under the responsibility of the applicant.
    You can also make your travel arrangement with travel agency but it will not include a tour conductor.
    However, we will try to arrange GNT staff, after participants are decided.


Application closed. Thank you very much for your applying.

Deadline:(Sun) January 24th 2016

Please download and fill out the word file below and send it to Kumon Global Network Team’s (GNT)


5th Tohoku Trip Camp Leader’s Application Form


For more information about the Tohoku please take a look at last years 4th Tohoku Trip completion report a nd page below:


4th Tohoku Trip page

4th Tohoku Trip Completion Report (ENG)

4th Tohoku Trip Completion Report (JAP)