GNIロゴの投票/ GNI Logo Voting (Top 6 Finalists)


ウェッブ投票の結果、GNIロゴコンテストのTop 6が決まりました。



Thank you everyone for participating in our GNI logo design contest.

Here are the Top 6 finalists of the GNI logo contest.

We will announce the official logo on GNI event day, March 24th (Sunday) based on the next voting result!







* The official GNI logo will be announced on March 24th – our 1st GNI event.

Once chosen as  the official GNI logo, hand-drawn designs might go through some changes such as color modification for future use on online platforms.

【投票はこちらから- Vote Here】


ロゴ投票締切日:2019年3月23日(土) 15:00まで

 Deadline for logo voting: Until 15:00 pm on March 23rd, 2019 (Saturday)


Logo ①











Meaning explanation:

‘G’ imitates the shape of a heart. This design represent my wish for a world where people from all countries can spread and share heartfelt thoughts.

‘N’ design is inspired by the wings of peace. I drawed this imagining a world without wars caused by global issues like racism or poverty.

‘I’ represents the importance of being aware of both what happen around our lives as well as what happen around the world and keeping on broadening our horizon.







Meaning explanation:

The reason I drawed a bird is because it imitates the act of a person flying away. And a bird on top of the Earth represents us flying abroad.



Logo ④

④logo_Nana Yuasa20190115



Meaning explanation:

The [G] on the left side and the global represents [Global]. The person raising the right hand shows [Initiatives]. Besides, the person’s shape is also drawn to imitates the letter [I]. The letter [N] in the middle picturizes human beings and the Earth are tied together, representing that GNT network are expanding.



Logo ⑤



大きな地球に描かれたGNIの文字とSMILE and Jump。GNIの文字は、外の世界中の子どたちが手をつないでいる絵の色によるグラデーションに。世界中の人々が関わると意味がこめられている。そしてSMILE and Jump。これはGNIにより、参加した人々がみんな笑顔になり、次のステップへジャンプするという意味がこめられている。

Meaning explanation:

I drawed a big globe in which there are [GNI], [SMILE] and [Jump]. The different colors of circle represents children around the world holding hands. It shows that people around the world are connected. Then, [SMILE] and [Jump] represents that after GNI, all participants will happily jump to the next steps.




Logo ⑦



G:G means 「Global」, so I drew pattern of the earth.

N:N means「Network」, so I drew handshake.

I:I means 「Initiatives」, so I drew two men. Green man is the thinking and Orange man is acting spontaneously.




Logo ⑬

⑬Logo_Yuri Sekimori



Meaning explanation:

To emphasize the meaning of [GNI]], I chose to mainly express [a connecting world].

【投票はこちらから- Vote Here】


ロゴ投票締切日:2019年3月23日(土) 15:00まで

 Deadline for logo voting: Until 15:00 pm on March 23rd, 2019 (Saturday)

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