Global Networl Team


The Global Network Team (GNT) of Kumon Educational Japan manages the English Immersion Camp (EIC).


GNT members of EIC2017 :-)









 Nickname: Shige


 Full name: Shigeo OGURA


 Country: Japan


 Message: Thank you for your interest in the English Immersion Camp. Come and try out your English that you have learned through everyday work. Let’s try communicating with our “global” camp leaders from many different countries.






 Nickname: Jane


 Full name: Chompoowong, Porn


 Country: Thailand 


 Message: Hello everyone! Thank you for visiting our website.

Can’t wait to see all of you at EIC!

Let’s try to communicate in English.

And let’s have lots of fun!






 Nickname: Kay


 Full name: Kyay Mon


 Country: Myanmar


 Message: Learning a new language is always a challenging process that requires hard work and motivation for everyone. But it doesn’t have to be boring! In EIC, children get to meet camp leaders from different countries, make new friends and practice their English communication skills through fun and interesting activities. Through our camp, we hope to nurture self-confidence, empathy and respect for cultural diversity in children, which are all important qualities for their future growth.





 Full name: Pham Hai Nam


 Nickname: Nam


 Country: Vietnam


 Message: I began studying English when I was in my first year of junior high school. More than 10 years of studying English was a long journey. I came across a lot of challenges while mastering the language. I didn’t give up because I love the opportunities that English brought to me. My ability to use English opened my eyes to a world of diversity, a world in which people are increasingly connected. Through the English Immersion Camp, I want our children to understand what it feels to live in a multicultural world with understanding and compassion.





 Nickname: Maza – Faza Okasanjanai 


 Full name: Mazhar A. Hamid

 Country: Singapore


 Message: The world became what it is today because of man-made rules. If “man” (lawmakers, politicians, businessmen, teachers, parents, etc.) can make and change the rules, so can we! Let’s change and make the world a greater place to work, play and live in together peacefully. WE CAN DO IT!!!





 Nickname: Minako


 Full name: Minako Saiga


 Country: Japan


 Message: Welcome to English Immersion Camp !!  I hope to help as many children as possible come to feel that they will succeed, and that English is a tool for communication with fun. I am looking forward to seeing you in the Camp.






 Nickname: Yafu 


 Full name: Yankho Joy Fungatira


 Country: Malawi 


 Message: Hello! Nice to meet you.

EIC is a unique camp where you will meet and make new friends from all over the world and also get to learn about different cultures.

EIC will give you a chance to explore, to be creative and to have fun!

So why not challenge yourself and have a unique experience?

Looking forward to seeing you in the Camp.





Nickname: Yuko 


 Full name: Yuko Manome


 Country: Japan 


 Message: Welcome to English Immersion Camp!

Thank you for visiting us. Do you like English?

Are you interested in other countries?

In EIC you can communicate with people from many countries! Let’s have fun together!

We are looking forward to meeting you at camp. :-)