EIC 15th Anniversary Event Information


Group photo of 10th Anniversary Event


“Looking back at the past, thinking about the present and creating the future”



Aim of the 15th Anniversary Event 

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  • To build a network to support and encourage each other to develop further and make dreams come true
  • To express appreciation towards all persons who have joined /supported EIC, and 15 years would not have been possible without each and every one’s cooperation. Therefore, we would like to appreciate and be thankful for everyone.
  • To reconfirm the 15- year history of EIC, everyone can discover their own potential, and think about what you can do or your path in the future



March 20th (Sunday) 2016   14:00-20:00

March 21st (Monday) 2016   09:30-15:00



Sunshine Shirako Hot Spring Resort http://sunshine-shirako.com/

(JR Sotobou line, Mobara station, 20 min away by bus)


Participation Fee12,000 Yen (1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner,  accommodation fee and anniversary gift are included)



English & Japanese (English will be the main language)



EIC Family members (past participants, family members, Camp Leaders, Kumon Instructors, EIC Staff, Guest)



 Day1   March 20th (Sunday) Day2 March 21th (Monday) 

Opeing Ceremony

Thank you, everyone!

Let’s start 15th Anniversary event!



Let’s listen to presentations and learn from each other!



Ice Breaking 

Let’s introduce yourself and make new friends through games.


Lunch Time (Skype)

Let’s have fun and enjoy lunch!

Let’s commnicate with EIC Family through Skype.

Group Time 

Let’s share your EIC memories and

what you’ve been doing recently.

EIC now and the future

Global Network Team will share our future project.

Show Biz   

Let’s dance from various countries


Communication Time

Let’s take photos and enjoy communicating!


About Presentation

In the program, there will be presentation time. Presenters will be role models for audience. Your presentation enables people to get impressed and inspired to reach their dreams and goals! Why don’t you challenge yourself, present your dreams & goals, and share your experience in front of everybody?


Theme ①: My Dream / Goal

For example, “How are you trying your best to achieve your dream?” or “What goal or dream have you achieved?” Please share with EIC family! Everybody wants to listen to your dream and goal!


Theme ②: My Awareness

Please share what you have done as “Take action” thinking about what you can do after joining EIC. (For example, think of environmental problems and join the event to collect garbage.)


Theme ③: My life with English

Please share what you’ve done with English in your life, studying abroad, talking with people from overseas, EIC, KUMON English and so on.


※Language: English (Let’s try and challenge to present in English!)
※Time: Within 5 min
※There will be a selection in case of overwhelming number of applicants


Deadline: Monday, 29th February 2016  (Extended)


How to apply 

For EIC partcipants: https://conv.toptour.co.jp/shop/evt/eic15th

For Camp Leaders: Application form

Please let us know if you cannot access the link above.

E-mail: english.camp@kumon.co.jp TEL:06-6838-2683



Deadline: Sunday, 7th February 2016  (Extended)


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