Voice of Participants 

Voices of past EIC participants about how they felt, what they learned and their growth after EIC. These are impressions from EIC participants.


Grade 6 participant M.A

Before joining EIC, even question was easy, But, I couldn’t understand. I didn’t do anything about it. But, after joining, I changed by looking up unclear things in a Japanese–English dictionary immediately. I gained confidence and learned to make effort thanks to this camp. I want to study English more and become a person who can work abroad. Also, I want to complete KUMON English worksheets before graduating from junior high school.

Grade 4 participant I.M

I got to know many people, explore the world, and gain confidence in communication with this camp. And I feel that Japan put importance on equality very much. So, I decided to communicate with anyone with the same eyes and heart.

Grade 6 participant T.D

I think this camp was very useful. I was very glad because when I didn’t understand the camp leader’s questions, they actively asked me in different ways. Also, they were very funny. They made unfamiliar children smile and created chances to become friends with them.



Grade 4 participant N.R

I have now studied and learned about various countries’ cultures and the reality of the world. I also learned many things about Japan because participants are from different regions in Japan. I think English is the language that enables us to talk with people in different countries. I want to learn English more from now on.