Voices of Parents 

These are impressions from EIC participant’s parents.











Parent A: My child was looking forward to the camp, but as a parent, I was worried about whether he should study English conversation a little bit more because of English-only interaction. Although I was worried about it, he came home with a very good face after the camp. He told me with excitement and happiness that I could become a good friend and that camp leaders from different countries were funny and understood me with only English words. When I saw him talking to me about it, I thought that English was not English for English only but a way to communicate and broaden one’s horizon. I hope he will feel familiar with English with this experience. 










Parent B: Before letting my son participate in the EIC 2013, I was anxious about whether he could get used to an English language environment and become familiar with those who he had never met before, while I also hoped that he would grow a lot through living together with people from other countries that he would never meet in his daily life as well as other children around his age. But seeing him and the other children at the graduation ceremony, I truly felt that it was good that I let him participate in the camp. I could see his growth when watching him proudly talking about his future dream in English at the graduation ceremony. Until then, I had never seen him speaking English that way. Moreover, what impressed me the most was the way camp leaders treated the children. I could realize that they dealt with children in a way to help them feel comfortable and enjoy their life in English for the week. On the last day, when my child had to say goodbye to the camp leaders, he cried. And while crying, he also said, “I want to participate in the camp again next year.” It is also my wish to let him join the camp. Please continue the EIC as many children are waiting to participate.