Voices of Camp Leaders 

These are impressions from Camp Leaders.

※Camp Leaders are students from different countries and regions who live in Japan.

Their backgrounds are diverse, and not all of them are native speakers of English.












Camp Leader A: I had a very good and beneficial time being a camp leader during the EIC. Meeting and knowing all other camp leaders from different cultures and countries gave me a lot of opportunities to get to know and understand the differences and uniqueness of each of us. I learned a lot about how to accept and embrace these differences and enjoyed being with everyone each day. EIC brought such unforgettable and enjoyable memories to me! I’m missing all of the kids, camp leaders, and staff. I hope that we will meet again somewhere in the future! And let’s keep in contact through BBS! 


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Camp Leader B: EIC is so much different compared with the summer camps or English camps I had participated. Camp leaders coming from different countries made it so unique beyond the typical English camp, but an international English camp. EIC not only focus on English, but other important issues like environment, bullying, etc. Kids gained benefits from being familiarized in speaking English, and also directly and indirectly learn to be responsible and good individuals. Seeing kids grew and improved during the camps is very impressive and special. I am so sure that they went back home with more confidence. I myself become even more flexible and patient. I learned so much from the kids, other camp leaders and camp staffs. Everyone is so nice and supportive. We all feel the sense of family as we are part of this organization.