This is the projected program. It is subject to change due to the condition of the venue, weather, and unforeseen circumstances.


6 days


Entrance Ceremony/Ice Breaking/Team Building/Making Group Flags



English Festival (English Games)/Love Chain (Understand the importance of love)



My Hometown (Introduce my hometown)/Wonder Land (think about world issues)

Eco Heroes (Eco-friendly Arts & Craft)/Outdoor Games



Traveling Around the World (learn about camp leader’s countries)

My Dream (Drawing my dream on the poster)/Talent Show (Performance)



World Food Market (Shopping Game)/Dinner Party/Story & Show Biz (Performance)



Graduation Ceremony


Introducing activities



World Food Market


In this activity, participants learn how to negotiate in English, while having fun and enjoying learning about different kinds of foods in the world from camp leaders. (6days only)




Traveling Around the World


This activity allows participants to get closer to the world by learning about and understanding the differences and similarities in food, clothes, and dance, among other aspects, from different parts of the world.



Wonder Land

This activity allows participants to learn about the realities of the world and think about what they can do.


 Program2 (2)

Love Chain


In the Love Chain, participants learn the importance of caring, loving, and understanding one another.






My dream


All participants think about their dreams and learn to respect other people’s dreams, while supporting and encouraging one another’s dreams. Since they make presentations in front of everyone during the graduation ceremony, this activity boosts their individual confidence.