About English Immersion Camp (EIC)


The word “immersion” means to “engage deeply in something.” In Kumon English Immersion Camp (EIC), participants (3rd to 6th grade students) take on the challenges of a communal lifestyle as well as communicating in English with Camp Leaders and Staff from around the world.


English is not just for native speakers but it is a common language, used as a tool for communication between people who are born with different mother tongues. The camp is held with a desire to nurture people who are confident in communicating in English and who can contribute to global society by connecting with people from different countries.



Introducing EIC through video




Aims of English Immersion Camp

Through EIC, we hope to nurture individuals who can contribute to the global community. Therefore, in EIC we hope to provide a place for children:

 ① to gain confidence by experiencing successful communication using English as one of the tools for communication

 ② to develop a broadened world view by sharing a communal lifestyle with people from different backgrounds, thereby, coming to realize the importance of understanding each other

 ③ to have the confidence to actively take on unfamiliar challenges and strive for higher goals.



EIC Slogan



Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Let’s try communicating in English.



This slogan tells participants what to keep in mind when entering the world of English.
What important is not to use English without making any mistakes but, rather, to use English more and more without fearing of mistakes.


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History of English Immersion Camp


Over 19 years, the EIC Network has expanded to 3,858 participants and 621 Camp Leaders (from 90 countries and regions).

Which country do Camp Leaders come from?


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Value of EIC & Voices of Participants


In EIC, I was able to gain the confidence that “I can live using English. I can communicate using English.” Kumon English is now more interesting than ever and I could set a new goal that is “I will quickly master English and spread my wings into the world.” ( Grade 6・Participant T)



Growth Image & Program


In EIC, we plan and build a Growth Image for each and every participant to grow individually in each activity throughout the six days. During the camp, participants are supported by Camp Leaders from many countries who receive training beforehand.


Living together with Camp Leaders, listening to the introductions about Camp Leaders’ countries, and thinking about world issues in English, participants get opportunities to think about SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and to raise their awareness about the world.


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Related Activities

Even after EIC, we provide opportunities for participants to support each other and to get more interested in pursuing higher goals and dreams while using English as a communication tool together.


This is the place where past EIC participants can connect regardless of which year they participated in EIC, and can have fun while learning from each other.


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Voices of EIC Supporters



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EIC2019 Participants’ Recruitment (Only available in Japanese)


EIC Calendar (2020 Version)

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