7th Ambassadors of Peace Network Presentations

1. My first overseas travel and next: Lisa Kawashima (EIC 2010)   

Lisa spoke about her first overseas trip and how she challenged herself to speak English in order to find her way while on her trip in England.




 2. My experience in Tohoku: Iori Tsuda (EIC 2011)

Iori talked about his experiences while in Tohoku, including how he felt and what projects were happening. He also discussed how he felt after visiting Tohoku and how he was inspired by the resilience of the people in Tohoku. He said that even after being affected by the big earthquake they still live positively.


 (6 mins)


3. My Dream: Saaya Kamiya (EIC 2011)

Saaya came all the way from Okinawa to share her dream. She talked about her dream of becoming a surgeon after being inspired by the doctor that operated on her when she was young. She also wants to go and volunteer overseas and make friends all over the world.


(5 mins)


4. My Challenge: Sayaka Matsushima (EIC 2013)Sayaka presented her challenge, which is to dance for god at a Shinto shrine. She has been dancing for five years and in the end she confidently performed the dance in front of all the participants.


 (4 mins)


5. My Dream: Hokuto Hashibara (EIC 2010)  

He presented about his dream of becoming a software engineer. He shared his thoughts about how he realized his dream, and the steps and efforts he has been taking in order to achieve his dream. 


(2 mins)


6. My Dream: Hinako Mizutani (EIC 2013)

Hinako’s dream is to become a nurse for Medicines Sans Frontiers that is, “doctors without borders.” She confidently stood and explained about hunger problems that lead to malnutrition in many children from developing countries. She also provided information about a tool used to measure malnutrition levels in children. 


 (3 mins)


7. I want to go to New York someday: Misaki Koyama (EIC 2013)

She gave a presentation about her dream to visit New York City and about the challenges, especially learning the English language, that she has to overcome before she can go to New York. She further introduced with enthusiasm and confidence the specific places that she wants to visit.


 (2 mins)