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New Member of GNT (Akiko)

Date: 2020.02.12

Hello EIC family ~~~

I am so pleased to give my first greeting to everyone as a new member of Kumon’s Global Network Team (GNT).

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Akiko Daido. I have started working at GNT from Feb.1st in 2020.

Next is Q&A about me:


1. Where do I come from?

I was born and grown up in Tokyo.

After graduating University, working several years in Tokyo, I moved to Kyoto and now I live in Kyoto.


2. What are my hobbies?

I like travelling overseas countries and communicating with local people in English.

I travel overseas countries twice a year.

I visit Canada in July and Australia or New Zealand at the end of December to see the countdown fireworks.


3. What did I do before GNT?

I started my Kumon career in 1990.

I have experiences as the instructor of Company-run center, area manager, branch manager, manager of the Instructor Alumni Association Office and manager of the Work life Support team in the personnel department.

I have completed Kumon English and Japanese program.

I am able to communicate with English speaking people with confidence thanks to Kumon English.


4. Why did I join GNT (and Kumon in general)?

I believe I can inspire and support many people learning English by Kumon method of learning.

Now I am very proud of working at GNT and looking forward to seeing you soon!




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楽しかったこと、おすすめの場所、自分の町の紹介など、なんでもOKです :-D