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☆EIC2015 Impression☆

Date: 2015.09.18

 Hi, everyone! How are you?

EIC2015 was held in this summer, and it was very fun!  

Thank you for coming EIC 2015!

Please check EIC 2015 report.


We received a lot of impressions from our friends, thanks!

Some of you tried to write it in English. Great!

We will introduce some of them.



At first I didn’t have confidence, but gradually I have gained confidence.

Camp leaders are very very kind!

Now I like writing diary because my group camp leaders encourage me.


This camp slogan is “Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Let’s try communicating in English!” This word is very important. I studied many things and I made many many friends! I enjoyed EIC and I have a lot of fun!


The camp leaders were very friendly and kind. The room and food were good, too.

I had a very nice time at EIC. Thank you camp leaders. Thank you friends. I won’t forget this very good camp.


EIC lives in my heart forever. And I become international nurse!

It was difficult for me to use only English every day, but it was a very good experience. I want to study English much more, and I also want to go to see various countries.


At first I couldn’t speak English well but I was happy because camp leaders and my friends understood me. And they spoke to me slowly. They were gentle.



I was afraid of joining in the EIC, because I could not speak English very much. But I was very excited and enjoyed the camp because everyone was kind to me.


 My favorite activity was “Travelling Around the World and “World Food Market.” I learn about many countries. Thank you my friend and camp leaders. I’m looking forward to the next time we can meet. I love EIC.



Everyone did a good job and wrote great impressions!

Thank you so much, and keep studying and communicating in English!