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EIC CAFE @ KANSAI – 2nd Meeting

Date: 2019.06.26

EIC CAFE @ KANSAI 2nd Activity for this year, 2019EIC Cafe Logo


Hello everyone,


It’s me again, Satowa Fukuda (EIC 2012).

This time I want to share with everyone especially those who lives in Kansai region, about our next activity.

We held our second activity on June 8th, 2019.

There were 7 members: Honoka, Daigo, Momoka, Suzuno, Tomoha, Yuka and I.


2nd Mtg

What did we do and will do from now?

We had a fun time talking about what we will do for EIC Cafe next event.

While eating some food, drinking juice and beverages, we decided that we will hold the event in October in Osaka. We will have 3 activities.


EIC families of elementary school and junior high school students can join.

We will announce more details by email at a later date. 

Please check it!


EIC cafe members have vitality,so they want to make EIC Cafe better!

I hope this event will be another special time for participants.

So join us!


Camp Leaders if you are in Kansai region please join us too!


If you want to join as a cafe member please contact GNT office



Don’t be afraid Of making mistakes. Let’s try communicating in English!